Award winning stories about the Second World War

Award for work on Society's competition

CAMBORNE Old Cornwall Society has been awarded a cup and certificate for winning the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies' competition The War in Our Area.

Each society was asked to submit stories of the Second World War and Ivor Corkell, secretary of Camborne OCS, collated contributions written by or collected from local residents and society members to create the award winning entry.

Camborne's mayor Cllr Jean Charman helped collect stories from local residents and families and organised the use of the Morrab Library's newspaper collection at Penzance.

This has now become a very important historical document containing an enormous amount of information and a copy has already been requested by and given to Truro Records Office.

The mammoth task of writing up and collating all the information was completed by Mr Corkell.

To show its appreciation the Camborne society presented the cup to Mr Corkell, who will now keep it for the year.

Camborne was helped by a significant contribution from the Four Lanes and Carnkie Historical Societies.

Prior to D-Day, Four Lanes was taken over by the American 29th Division who sailed from Trebah for the assault at Omaha Beach.

Camborne's entry contained a wealth of stories about ICI, (Bickford Smith), Climax and Holman's, all of which made a significant contribution to the war effort.

Throughout the war, Camborne and Redruth were particularly generous in responding to frequent requests for financial contributions.

Camborne also played a big part in housing evacuees. Some of these never went back.

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