Camborne Town Council inherits old newspaper collection

Town council inherits old newspaper collection

CAMBORNE Town Council has inherited an old newspaper collection from the Morrab Library in Penzance.

The collection is of local newspapers dating back to the early 19th Century.

Like most libraries, space is now at a premium and so the library contacted local councils asking if they would be custodians of the edition for their respective areas.

Camborne Town Council passed the information on to the mayor, Cllr Jean Charman, who contacted the library, viewed the papers and claimed them for Camborne.

She enlisted the help of Ivor and Lynette Corkell, from Camborne Old Cornwall Society, who also wanted to research the papers for Second World War stories relating to Camborne. They went to the library every week for two months until all the relevant editions had been separated.

Cllr Charman and Mr Corkell collected editions of The Cornishman and The Cornish Post and Mining News from the early 19th Century to the 1960s and delivered them to the town council offices.

These are important historical documents dating back to 1811 and it is the wish of the council that they should be available to local people for research .

They need to be stored in acid free boxes which are very expensive and Cllr Charman is at present seeking grant funding.

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